Is budget important?

Budgeting is a hard topic to comprehend, because a good video should not be managed by budget. That is easier to say than it is to maintain, because YouTube is an expensive hobby.

Here is an example, In some of my latest videos you may notice that i have been using a mystery wheel, That thing cost my parents £80 but they seen it as added value to the content that I am creating and they are happy to invest in something i love, I am fortunate, i know.

That is not to say that you need these things, good content is just that it is good content and you don't need props to make a good and enjoyable video, My earliest literally cost nothing to make, My dad (The Egg) already had the video editing software, and Photoshop and we just had fun with what we had and they have been some of my favorite videos.

Bottom line is, just enjoy what you are creating and if you are enjoying it, other people will too!

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